Saint Anthony Council 2439
Sublimity Oregon

Monthly Prayer List

Winners and Losers

Stephanie Stoneking
Andrea Hilton
John Beitel
Ed Kingsbury
Jerry Bloss
Joe Spenner
Gene Gassner
Dennis Conrad’s Daughter Angie

Veterans of Our Country

Geoff Schmitt-$5.00
Jerry Etzel-$4.00
John Bischoff-$4.00
Egg Winners-Charlie Hess, Randy Bentz, George Gerspacher, Jim Kingsbury, Rob Duncan, Al La Sala, Kendall Smith, Steve Schmid, Dan Goffin

Monthly Drawing of $30.00
Brother Dale Kloucek  - Not Present

Welcome New Members


Deacon Geoff Schmitt
Daniel Weis
Matthew Robbins
John “JR” Beitel

Michael Stinson
Edwin Diehl III
John King
Jason Hayes

May Birthdays

Michael F. Bartone
Clinton J Bentz
Timothy M Bielenberg
Thomas R Bochsler
Daniel P Bolduc
Timothy J Butler
Cliff J Coleman
Peter G. Etzel
Anthony T Hendricks

JRobert J Koenig
Jon A Odenthal
Patrick M. Odenthal
Roger K Roberts
David J Silbernagel
Gary L Silbernagel
Brayden J. Smith
Dennis R. Volpa
Joseph F Yost

Recently Deceased Members

Deceased Members Past Year

Calvin J Steward - April 4, 2016
Richard D Heater - February 18, 2016
Dalbert T Dalke - January 8, 2016
Monsignor Carl E Gimpl - November 25, 2015

William A Lulay Jr. - February 27, 2015
Donald R Gescher - November 16, 2014
Eugene H Russell - November 23, 2014


Membership Achievements Reached in 2015

50 Years of Membership

Honorary Life Members

Cliff J Coleman


Raymond P Heuberger
Doctor H F Storey
Douglas J Wasko

Honorary Members

25 Years of Membership

L Steven Basl
David J Silbernagel


We honor our membership accomplishments in January meeting for the previous year.
50 Years = 50 continuous years of membership.
Honorary Life = 25 continuous years of membership and age 70 or over.
Honorary = 25 continuous years of membership and age 65 or over.
25 Years = 25 continuous years of membership.

Special Thank You’s


Please remember to thank Brother Don and Sue Harteloo for donating the printing of the advance sale tickets, for our upcoming Steak Fry. Postal Connections is always there when we ask, Thank You!