Saint Anthony Council 2439
Sublimity Oregon

Listed below are links to the latest Council 2439 and Assembly 900 bulletins and bulletins from our parishes.  You must have Adobe Reader to open and view these files.

We are no longer sending out our monthly bulletin by regular mail, except to those who requested it by regular mail. We are relying on e-mail and the web site to get the bulletin distributed to our membership.  We understand there are several members who probably do not have e-mail or web access.  We ask anyone who absolutely needs to  receive the bulletin, by regular mail, to notify Financial Secretary, Ron Bernt at 503-749-1935 or by e-mail at FinSec@sublimitykofc.org and let him know you want to continue receiving the bulletin by regular mail.  Currently we have about 55 members who continue to receive the bulletin by regular mail.

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Current Archbishop Howard Assembly 900 Bulletin

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